HOA Loan Services

At Arch Capital Solutions, we understand every community association has unique needs and desired outcomes. That’s why we use a streamlined process to find your community the perfect HOA loan.


We designed our HOA loan services to help you understand HOA loan requirements and interest rates and secure your community the funding it needs. When it comes to providing financial solutions for your Association, our loan experts have a proven track record of exceeding expectations for homeowners and condominium owners.


Financial Advisors for Securing Homeowners Association Loans

Spending reserve funds or mandating a special assessment are common ways HOA Boards fund large capital-intensive projects. However, at times these may not be the most viable options. When this is the case, utilizing an HOA loan may be a perfect alternative. Our loan experts will find your HOA the funding that meets your Association’s most critical needs. Whether you need financing for repairs or improvements or your Association wants to purchase a plot of land, our HOA loan services make finding lenders simple and the proposal process streamlined.

Requirements for HOA loans can vary based on several factors that cause navigating the lending process challenging. Without the assistance of a specialist, some Associations may find it difficult to navigate the lending landscape. You can rely on our HOA loan services to help you understand and address the requirements and specifications for an HOA loan. We’ll aid you in evaluating your specific circumstances and connect you with qualified and reputable lenders. We stay by our client’s sides and are there to guide you through the entire process.

Even though securing HOA funding can seem complex and daunting, our financial advisors will simplify the process so you can get the best HOA loans for repairs and improvements.

HOA Loan Interest Rates and Requirements

HOA Loans ensure community associations can promptly address necessary repairs and common area improvements, which helps keep the community happy. While these loans can be very beneficial, it can be challenging to understand all the HOA loan requirements and interest rates. That’s where our HOA Loan services come in handy.

We are committed to aiding HOAs and COAs in evaluating their needs and qualifications for HOA Loans. Each bank and HOA lender will have different rates and loan terms, but we will work with each Association individually to ensure we get the most appropriate structure to meet their needs.

What Do HOA Loans Require?

HOA Loans are “uncollateralized” loans; they don’t take any physical property as collateral for the loan. Credit officers based their decisions on an Association’s HOA dues and cash flow ability to repay the debt. It’s important to note that banks do not put liens on individual units so that these units can be bought and sold without any impact on the loan.

How Do Banks and Lenders Evaluate Credit Risk?

Because lenders want to ensure your HOA will repay the loan, they use some essential tools to evaluate your Association’s credit risk. To do this, they will look at some of the items listed below:

  • Number and severity of delinquencies
  • Liquidity (or the amount of cash as a percentage of annual assessments and debt service)
  • Number of units
  • Number of rental units vs. owner-occupied units
  • Whether monthly assessments will have to increase to accommodate the loan
  • HOA reserve funds and necessary future projects

What Are HOA Loan Rates?

If your Association’s credit risk is low, you will likely be able to secure more favorable HOA loan terms. Before requesting a loan, our team can help estimate the condo HOA interest rates you will be facing and determine whether your Association will be able to manage these expenses.

For competitive condo HOA interest rates, please speak with our loan experts. We will help you find lenders with the best structure for your specific situation.

Condominium Association Funding Options for Cash-Strapped COAs

Unfortunately, current COA boards may find their Association strapped for cash. Poor weather conditions may have destroyed property, or years of poor financial decisions may be taking their toll. Whatever the cause, it’s not uncommon for the Association to require additional funding. Fortunately, they can trust our team to find the best condo loan that meets their needs.

We understand that when it comes to discussing condo association funding, it is a very delicate topic. Board members take on a personal responsibility for the financial shortage even when it was likely not their fault. While COAs are required to have reserve funds, keeping up with inflation can be challenging. Spiraling construction costs have made it far too easy to calculate the wrong amount for future expenses.

If your Association needs funding for repairs or improvements, a condo HOA loan might be your best option. With a loan, you’ll have access to the funds you need while following a structured repayment plan, thus spreading the cost out and softening the financial burden on individual owners.

Because not every bank and lender understands the unique needs of condos, you’ll need to choose a lender carefully. You can rely on our loan experts to find the best Condominium Association Loan for your situation.

Need Homeowners Association Funding? We Can Help!

Are HOA Loans suitable for your community association? If you’re unsure, you don’t have to figure this out alone. At Arch Capital Solutions, our loan advisors will determine if you qualify for an HOA or condo HOA loan and then connect you with lenders with the most suitable HOA loan structures. We can also help you estimate the HOA loan rates you will have to pay using our HOA loan calculator. From providing detailed loan proposals and beyond, our hoa loan services have you covered.

For more information about our HOA loan services, contact us today!